By 2017/18 the Trust had completed its work at Dalukhanyo Pre-School. Earlier in 2014 it had extended the vegetable and fruit scheme to include Nomonde Pre-School. Now Trustees decided to give Nomonde the same support as had been given to Dalukhanyo over seven years, including the infrastructure benefits detailed above.

In April 2018 they launched the LTPT  10th Anniversary 3-Year Nomonde Project. Formed by Trust deed in February 2011, LTPT aimed  to give significant financial support to Nomonde Pre-School’.

The First Seven Years

Dalukhanyo  - the first pre-school we helped

 The first priority, fresh food for hungry children – a weekly delivery of seven baskets of fresh vegetables and fruit were delivered to Dalukhanyo weekly by Harvest of Hope, a major project whereby micro-farming is encouraged in the townships to provide food for the families of the micro-farmers and to enable the surplus to be sold for cash.

The second Trust priority was to fund the purchase of fleeces and track suits for the children. The School is unheated and the children were  badly feeling the cold in the non-Summer months, but we able to provide all the children with a track suit and warm fleeces for the very youngest in time for  the Winter of 2012 and continued to do so in later years.

Later, in addition to these priorities, between 2012 and 2018  the Trust went on to provide:

 • Three new classrooms Security fencing •  New kitchen An office Repair and maintenance of buildings
Classroom furnishings Improved play area

How it started

Extract from the Trust Deed: ‘The Trustees will apply the income of the Charity in the Township of Langa, Cape Town, South Africa to support the Dalukhanyo Pre-School, and any other pre-school initiatives in the Township, and any related community projects.’

The Trust Deed was signed in February 2011, following a visit by Pam and Gordon Gaddes to the Langa Township and Dalukhanyo Pre-School in Cape Town in November 2010. They had been moved by the friendliness and energy of the young children they met and decided that ‘they could do better than just, as tourists, put money into a cardboard box’.

A recent photograph of Dalukhanyo Pre-School

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