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Extension of vegetable scheme to more Langa

Made possible by the work of the Administrator, in April 2019 as a trial LTPT extended the vegetable and fruit scheme to include five other pre-schools.

Ilitha Educare (A Light)

Established: January 2008
NPO: 096-913, not registered at Social Development. Operating in an Informal structure at Zone 18, not far from Joe Slovo where the big fire started in January 2018. Number of children enrolled: 180 from 7 months to 5 years old. Number of teachers including the Principal: 7

Eluxolweni (Place of Peace)

Established: 2006. Operating at the Shipping Containers at Intersite/ Temporal Houses, NPO number: 047-581. Number of children: 40 from 3-5 years old. Number of teachers  including Principal: 3

Chris Hani Educare

Established: 1996. Operating at LTA Hostels at the Community Structure Hall and has extended movable structure. NPO number: 056-025  Registered at Social Development. Number of children: 84 From 3-5 years old, Number of teachers including Principal: 4

Lathitha (Shining of the Sun)

Established: 2016. Not registered at Social Development. Number of Children:  45 from 3 to 5 years old. Number of staff including Principal: 4

Little Angels Educare

Established :2016. Operating in a movable container/ informal structure at Zone 26, NPO number: not registered, not registered at Social Development,
Enrolled Children: 32 from 2-5 years old, Number of  teachers including  Principal: 3

Ilitha Educare Pre-School (A Light)  and above, some of the children who attend there

Eluxolweni Pre-School (Place of Peace)

Completion of planned work at Nomonde Pre-School

The three year project was to have been completed by February 2021 with significant improvement to the playground. Thwarted, through COVID-19, by the cancellation of the profitable LTPT events programme, this work may have to be delayed a few months. However, plans are  proceeding.

Chris Hani Educare

Lathitha (Shining of the Sun)

Little Angels  Educare

This initiative has been successful and will continue. Including Nomonde, the estimate is that 500 children benefit from the scheme.

The emphasis will be on staples suitable for young children, (cabbage, butternut squash, carrots, baby marrow, potatoes and sweet potatoes, pumpkin, spinach, chard and squash gem. The importance of this is summarised in one cook’s words:

“Some come in starving but after six weeks of my soups with your vegetables they are well”

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