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This could be one-off or regular, for example monthly or annually. Donations can be gift aided. You can either use the Paypal link below  (you do not need to have a PayPal account, payments can also be made with debit/credit cards), or download the donation form HERE.

Such  donations enable the Trust to cover the annual fixed support costs for the administration centre at Nomonde Pre-School, which now supports all six pre-schools. Additionally special appeals provide for infrastructure development and to give some support during the emergencies which arise  from fire, gale, drought and virus.’

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An LTPT Friend is a person, family or body, interested in our work, and wishing to be in regular contact though receiving the quarterly newsletter by e-mail. Currently we e-mail to 130 addresses. There is no annual subscription, but there is strong support from within this group through occasional donations and regular attendance at LTPT fund-raising events.

With the onset of the COVID-19 plague the events programme has been suspended so the receipt of donations has become even more important to maintaining the LTP support in Langa.

To become a Friend, please send us your details using the form which you can download from HERE

Our youngest Trustee, Emily, deeply concerned about what the virus might do to our children and staff in Langa asked whether LTPT could do something to help. She mentioned the need for plastic gloves, wet wipes, hand wash, hand sanitiser, hand lotion, mouth wash, plasters and bin bags.

Through us on 20 March Emily  launched her Appeal to the LTPT e-mail list and within a fortnight £1,700 had been raised. She followed this up with a Just Giving Appeal and raised £260. We then launched her Appeal again and raised a further £730 and separately we received standing orders with a commitment to £1,726 over one year. All this money enabled us to send ZAR to Nadia Petersen and, with her husband Clarence, Cape Town was scoured for fast-running out supplies. Happily all our pre-schools were able to benefit from this.

Coronavirus Covid-19 - An Emergency Appeal for hygiene kits

How we raise and manage the money

Nobody in the UK within the Trust is paid, no expenses are claimed and there are hardly any overheads.  Time and office services are gifted.

Funds arise from donations, including gift aid, and from profits on events, respectively around 80% and 20%. We reckon that 97% of the available money has been spent on the pre-schools in Langa.

Financial control is tight, monitored by the Trustees who meet three times annually. Registered with the UK Charity Commission, our Report and Accounts are submitted annually following independent inspection and Board authorisation..

The Appeal continues and there is a donation form if you would like to contribute that can be downloaded  HERE.

Home Achievements What Now What Next Langa Township You Can Help Newsletters
Home Achievements What Now What Next Langa Township You Can Help Newsletters

Make a Donation - Other  Ways

If you prefer not to make an online payment you can make a one-off or a regular donation by a bank standing order by downloading and completing the form from HERE.

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If you would like to donate to the work of LTPT you can do so by clicking on the PayPal button below. You do not need to have a PayPal account, payments can also be made with debit/credit cards.

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